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Weight Loss Programme

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Fembryo Clinic Weight Loss Programme

Patients who are overweight may struggle to lose weight given the level of insulin resistance.

There is often an underlying medical diagnosis for weight gain or inability to lose weight such as PCOS or thyroid disease. Obesity is a chronic inflammatory condition which can result in illness, an increased risk of heart disease, infertility and an increase in certain cancers. An individual approach will be taken with each patient to ensure that underlying conditions are diagnosed and treated and medication may be prescribed to assist and enable weight loss. Dietician visits may be recommended to establish a healthy eating plan.

Dr Wendy Sieg takes care of patients with obesity in preparation for fertility treatment or prior to surgery in order to lower the risk of obesity related surgical complications. Treatment is individualised with focus on underlying medical conditions together with dieticians. Many new drugs entered the arena of obesity management in modern day practice and Dr Wendy will guide our patients in the right direction to get assistance with this difficult condition.