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Donors & Surrogacy

Information about donor egg and sperm programmes and surrogacy.

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Donor eggs & sperm

Although it is every woman and man’s dream to use their own genetic material (eggs or sperm), it is sometimes not possible and gametes from donors is the only option.

Age (especially > 42 years), chemotherapy, smoking and chromosomal anomalies (eg. TURNER syndrome) or relative poor quality embryos or sperm, may lead to a couple needing to consider donor oocytes (eggs) or sperm.

Donor artificial insemination is an excellent option for the following:

  • Couples whose infertility is caused solely by a male factor that cannot be treated.
  • Azoospermic men, especially with gene variants
  • Couples with severe male factor who do not want to pursue any of the Assisted Reproductive Technologies
  • Same-sex female couples or single women wanting to start a family by making use of donor sperm
  • Men with azoospermia due to cancer treatment/previous surgery/mumps orchitis

There are many donors available with varying physical characteristics and each couple selects their own donor. Information regarding the donor includes physical characteristics, hobbies, academic achievements, etc.

All donors undergo stringent screening which includes:

  • Full semen analysis
  • Physical examination similar to those required for insurance purposes
  • Blood tests that test for sexually transmitted diseases eg.: HIV,
  • Hepatitis B and C.
  • Psychological evaluation



A surrogate is a woman who carries the fertilised egg (embryo) to term in her uterus on behalf of the intended parents. In gestational surrogacy, the baby is conceived entirely by the intended parents: the biological mother’s egg is fertilised with the biological father’s sperm. The embryo is then placed in the surrogate’s uterus and carried to term.

The Children’s Act came into force on the 1st of April 2010 and the new law stipulates that all surrogate agreements must be confirmed by the High Court before any treatment can begin, and classic surrogacy where the surrogate is also the oocyte ‘donor’ is no longer allowed by the Children’ Act. This also stipulates that at least one of the parents must use their own gametes (sperm or eggs).

How Our Same-Sex Fertility Options Work

What to expect when starting your journey to your parenthood.

We do a full fertility exam and get to know you as a couple before deciding on a plan of action. We recognise that attempting to conceive with gay or lesbian couples can be challenging, which is why all of our staff is trained to be sympathetic and approachable, we’re here to make sure you get the answers and support you need.

In the case of female patients, we will examine your medical history and ovulation cycles, as well as do blood tests to determine hormone levels and ovarian reserves. Even if you’ve already decided who will carry the pregnancy, these tests may reveal medical concerns you weren’t aware of, in which case it might be safer for the other spouse to carry the child.

We will perform a semen analysis on our male patients, especially if you are a somewhat older pair or have had medical difficulties that may affect the viability of your sperm. We will also go over the surrogacy procedure in depth, whether you already have a woman in mind who is willing to carry the baby or if you need help finding a suitable surrogate.

These fertility and psychological examinations are critical in determining the best treatment path for each individual couple, as well as applying for donor/finding a surrogate. As surrogates are difficult to find, having someone from your family or circle of friends will significantly speed up this process and give you the peace of mind that your pregnancy is well looked after.

With the help of an attorney in Gqeberha skilled in Surrogacy Court Applications, the legal side of this process will be made as easy as possible at affordable rates. We recommend Attorney Moya Rossouw to assist with surrogacy law and related matters.

At Fembryo Fertility Clinic, like every other part of your road to parenthood, we are here to assist you every step of the way.