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The importance of self-care

Self-care … the only remedy for the pressures of modern life

In the contemporary world – fast-paced and demanding – women often find themselves under incredible physical and mental stress. Juggling family, friends and work responsibilities eats up all their time and energy, leaving little or no space to prioritise their own well-being. And caring so much for everyone else often means they’re not taking care of themselves.

If you’ve ever caught yourself postponing important medical check ups, suffering through discomfort because you can’t fit a doctor’s appointment into your busy day, not stopping to think about how you feel about things or giving up the hobbies and activities that bring you joy…. If you feel guilty when you do carve out a little time for yourself, make yourself your favourite meal, turn down an invitation, say “No” or focus on what you want and what you need … it’s time to talk about self-nurturing: its importance, its connection to fertility, what it is and how to achieve it.

Self-care is not squeezing a massage into an over-packed schedule or going on a shopping spree. It’s not a short-lived, one-off activity. There’s no quick fix to the complexities of life today. Instead, self-care is a mindset that supports continuous tending to your physical, mental and emotional well-being to maintain balance and overall health. It’s not selfish. It’s not a luxury. It directly impacts on your quality of life, fertility and your chances of a successful pregnancy, and fosters the strength and resilience that equip women to support their families, careers and communities.

At first glance, this may seem like a tall order for busy women … a task too large to implement. So, let’s break it down into smaller, practical steps; steps that can be interpreted into a process of change. Begin with the area that impacts on your well-being most, or start with the easiest one to implement. Whatever you choose, set yourself up for success. And, if you need some assistance, you’ll find it at Fembryo. We’re a medical community focussed on women’s reproductive health and overall well-being and we provide all the expert, professional services you may need on your journey to wellness.

4 Steps to Physical Self-Care

Eat Well
A balanced diet, rich in essential nutrients is vital. Include a variety of fruits, nuts, whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats on your daily menu and keep well hydrated.

Sleep Well
If you’re not getting enough sleep or your nights are disrupted, try to keep a consistent sleep schedule. Create a calming bedtime routine and a comfortable sleeping environment.

Get Some Exercise
Moderate exercise is hugely beneficial. Regular physical activity improves blood circulation, manages weight, promotes hormonal balance and leaves you feeling great!

Minimise Exposure
If you smoke or vape, try to stop. If you’re taking in more alcohol than you should, reduce. Evaluate your exposure to potentially harmful substances in the workplace and at home, and ensure you’re protected.

4 Steps to Mental Self-Care

Manage Stress
It’s important to decompress, reflect, and find peace at the end of a chaotic day. You”could try self-care techniques, like yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices. These have been found to reduce anxiety and stress. Most importantly, dive into pastimes, hobbies and activities that you love. These replenish energy and bring joy.

Set Boundaries
It can be very tough to say “no to the people you care about, so it takes a bit of forethought and some practice. Think about how you’ll phrase a “no” to the next unwanted demand made of you, so that you’re prepared when the time comes. Be gentle, but firm in protecting your time and energy.

Break the Guilt Barrier
Remind yourself that self-care is not self-centred, it is – in fact – a selfless act. When you look after yourself, you’re strengthening your resources; the resources you need to effectively care for others.

Find a Supportive Community
Spend time with like-minded people. This is a powerful form of self-nurturing. A sense of belonging, validation and understanding are central to our wellness, and a group of friends or even a support group reminds us that we are not alone on our journey.

Though physical and mental health aspects have been separated out above, it’s important to remember that they are inextricably linked and have direct bearing on each other. None of the above, practiced in isolation, can do the whole job. But, if you pick one as a place to start, you’re taking a step in the right direction. Your journey to wellness will have begun!

While the guidance above focusses on women’s general health, it also represents a path for those women on a fertility journey. Self-care plays an integral part in this profoundly precious time, and the help of a supportive team of medical practitioners brings peace of mind, fosters hope, and imbues you with confidence as you navigate this beautiful chapter of your life.

If you’re concerned about your fertility or are having difficulty falling pregnant, fertility specialists can provide you with personalised guidance based on fertility assessments and treatment plans designed especially for you. Do something for yourself today. Start your journey by booking a consultation.