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Thank you Fembryo from the bottom of my heart


The letter below was sent by Justine Horn and published with their permission.

My husband and I approached Dr Botha in 2016 when we noticed we were not falling pregnant naturally for a few years. Dr Botha did a laparoscopy and diagnosed me with stage 4 severe endometriosis and also removed a tumor in my right ovary meaning I no longer had function of it. We managed to do 4 rounds of IUI unfortunately either on the day that I was due to take my blood test to see if it was successful or the day before my period would start so it was always a negative.

Dr Botha then recommended us doing IVF which at the time financially we could not afford it. We went on to doing 3 full rounds of IVF in Cape Town due to it be cheaper..

First round was a straight out negative, second round of IVF my first blood test was positive but was told it’s very low and the number is most likely to drop which is exactly what happened… I was broken I was devastated cause for the first time in my life I got a positive and just like that it’s taken away from me….

In April 2022 we did the 3rd of IVF in Cape Town and also a straight out negative my heart was broken cause what do I do now…..

Thank God we managed to get finance and we were able to get an appointment at Fembryo to see Dr Botha… For once we finally going to be the couple leaving the clinic with that bag full of meds which a few years ago we could only watch others walk out there with it…

We managed to see Dr Botha in May 2022 and it all began doing all the tests etc the plan was to start IVF in August unfortunately my AMH test came back extremely low at only 0.40 and I’m only 32 years old I was shocked and so scared as this was my one and only chance I couldn’t afford to do this again….

Dr Botha advised that we move the IVF to July instead of August as the low egg count was worrying him…

We stated with meds and managed to get out 4 follicles due to my low count and all 4 eggs fertized we were so happy… Thr embryologist called me on the morning of our day 5 transfer to tell us that we managed to get 2 X 5AA embryos and 1 x 3AB… What was the chances of this happening? I mean I am literally in my reserve tank yet I’m getting the best embryos how is this even possible???

The two week wait was terrible as it always is.. you trying to stay positive but can’t help and think back of the previous 3 failed cycles the would tough is an understatement…

I eventually got the call after going for my blood test it was August the 6th a Saturday morning… Sister called and asked how I was and all I said is please tell me you have good news sister…. Just there my whole world changed I was told congratulations your first BETA is 367… I burst out crying, is this true? Is this a dream? So many years of struggle and failures and you telling me I’m pregnant? I could not thank the sister enough well the few words I was able to get out through my tears…

Dr Botha personally called me when I did my second BETA and it went to 700 odd… My life was finally coming together we going to be a family… 3 weeks later I was due for my first scan I was nervous as hell cause ofcause the devil is putting all these evil thoughts in your head like what if it’s an ectopic pregnancy, what if there is no heart beat you know things like that…

I layed on the bed and said Dr let’s do this he started the scan and it was the most precious thing I have ever seen a baby in my tummy well even though it looked like a bean the heart beat was as clear as day… I cried so much and I could not thank Dr Botha enough for giving my my miricale child after all these years… Both embryos that were transferred took but unfortunately the one did not make it and we lost it between 8 and 9 weeks…I will never forget Dr Botha’s words after I thanked him over and over again of don’t thank me but thank God for your blessing….

On April 13 2023 I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy… It still feels unreal as though his real mommy is going to come fetch him anyday now… I will forever be thankful to Fembryo and Dr Botha the service I received made me feel like more than just a patient and I am able to live my life fully now…

Thank you Fembryo from the bottom of my heart…

Justine Horn

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