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Thank you Fembryo for being there for us every step of the

The letter below was sent by Rensia Coetzee and published with their permission.

At the age of 41, after trying to conceive later in life, I finally realized that I needed to follow the route of going through fertility treatment. Becoming a patient at Fembryo, was the best decision ever. From the very first appointment with Dr. Botha to the final procedure at the clinic, we were treated with so much care and empathy. Our journey stretched over 2 years, and finally, in 2022, I’ve got the call from Sr Kathleen to tell me that our first round of IVF was successful. The 9 month pregnancy awaited and on 16 March 2023 our most precious baby boy was born. Thank you Fembryo for being there for us every step of the way which wasn’t always the easiest. We will definitely come and visist and let Neale meet the team that help made our dream a reality. Sending lots of love and baby dust to all out there reading this post. Lots of love, Rensia, Braam and baby Neale

Fembryo Success Stories

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