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Dear Doctor Danie…

The letter below was sent by Lee and Keith Page and published with their permission.

The photo below: long-awaited baby Page.

Dear Dr. Botha,

The time has come; we have graduated from Fembryo & Gynaecology Clinic and I’m having a lot of mixed emotions about it. Yes, it’s incredible that we have reached a point in our pregnancy where you feel assured we can keep moving forward without your care, but it also brings a tad ping of sadness to know you will no longer keep a watchful eye over our baby.

I remember walking into your office for our first consultation; my nerves bursting at the seams, and yet I left the office completely at peace. Our conversation was natural; you actively listened, you asked us what we thought the missing piece of the puzzle was, and took our feelings into consideration when building a plan. You not only gave us Plan A, but you had plans B and C, too. We appreciated that. We appreciated that you didn’t think we were a lost cause. As we walked out, I vividly remember thinking “He’s our guy. He’s the one who’s going to make this happen for us.”

After almost 6 years of struggle, and countless tears, and copious amounts of medication, and having built a life around treatment cycles and appointments, you have done what others couldn’t. You took our case head on when others fluffed over us. You gave us hope when our hearts felt hopeless. YOU are a miracle worker.

You have shown my anxiety grace, calmed my nerves with gentle words, and truly listened when my thoughts spiralled. We are forever indebted for your skill set and expertise, and will always consider you and the whole team at Fembryo, family. We also want to thank the entire nursing team, embryologists, and office staff for your never ending support, constant cheer, extreme patience, and incredible care.

All our love,

Lee and Keith Page ❤

P.S. Please kindly pass on our heartfelt thank you to all the staff at Fembryo with a special thank you to Sister Kathleen, Sister Bea and Lizelle.

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