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Our Fertility Journey:

How Dr. Sieg helped us become parents despite suffering from endometriosis

The letter below was sent by Janelle van Gend and published with her permission.

Above: Baby van Gend.

“At the mere age of 20 I found out that due to my endometriosis, I will struggle to have children of my own one day.

In the year 2022 age 23, my husband and I went for a routine check-up regarding our fertility as we all like to make the cliché 5-year plan.

The results received were unfortunately not good news and we started the hormone treatments for our first IUI procedure right away. After 5 tries and 1 miscarriage later, Dr. Sieg never gave up on us. We could truly have not picked a better Dr to have faced the journey with us.

Our baby boy was born in early 2023 and we could not be more thankful and blessed by the Fembryo Family.”

– Janelle van Gend

Fembryo Success Stories

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